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In My Hands

by Sathya Achia


Tomb Raider meets Wonder Woman in this South Asian folklore based YA fantasy-adventure! 

After the mysterious death of her mother, sixteen-year-old Chandra is forced to leave her home in Virginia for the jungle village of her ancestors in India.

When a powerful entity starts haunting her loved ones, Chandra must find the mythical weapon of a Hindu goddess or risk losing everything and everyone she’s ever loved.

Available to Preorder from July 7, 2022!


PreOrder Starting July 7, 2022

Tales Untold: Mythos Around the World

Anthology based on Mythology and Folklores 


Ravens & Roses Publishing is proud to announce our first anthology.

Coming soon: Tales Untold: Mythos From Around The World based on folklore and mythology from all over the world. 

A collection of 15 stories from the different mythology and folklores from around the world.

If you love stories based on Greek Mythology, ancient Indian folklores, English Legends, or Scandinavian mythology, then you do not want to miss this. 

Available to Preorder from September 9, 2022!


PreOrder Starting September 9, 2022

Organic eMotions: Poetry for hUmaNITY

by Lali A. Love

The inspiring poems are an introspective portrayal of deeper feelings of melancholy, confusion, hope, self-love, healing, wholeness, and empowerment.

The verses capture both the transient and the prevailing emotions through a vulnerable lens, using a powerful and electrifying nuanced artistic expression.

A rejuvenating, poignant, lyrical reflection of trauma liberation during humanity’s evolution.

Available on all major platforms

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The De-Coding of Jo – Blade of Truth

by Lali A. Love


The Wizard of Bondage has hijacked humanity’s existence in the astral realm using psychic warfare. In a last-ditch effort, Mother Earth sounds the alarm and activates the StarSeed Quest.

Roma, the Custodian of the Galaxy, has been captured and imprisoned on a remote island by dark forces loyal to the Wizard. She telepathically communicates with Jo to guide her perilous mission on a school trip to the Canary Islands.

While Jo and her friends learn the truth about the Ancient Galactic Wars, they are targeted by shapeshifting assassins and lured into a Compound where Darkness reigns.

Emotions, Reality, and Timelines collide as Jo is thrust into the center of an epic cosmic reboot. Will the Blade of Truth devour her Soul? Will the balance between light and dark finally shift?

Available on Digital Stores Worldwide & Select Chapters Bookstores in Canada 


Hunt or Be Hunted – An Artemis Anthology

by Rashmi P. Menon


Coming Soon! 

An anthology of ten short stories based on Artemis – Goddess of the Hunt, Wild, and Moon. A collection of stories where the author reimagines Artemis and her journey in the modern world.

Coming Soon!


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