Who We Are

Team Ravens & Roses is a group of indie authors, editors, designers who banded together to create a small press that puts the authors first.

Our founder, Rashmi P. Menon designed Ravens & Roses with the notion of pioneering a change, however small it may be, in the publishing industry and provide a platform for all authors, especially those from the marginalized and underrepresented communities.

As a part of the indie community, Team R&R is aware of the challenges authors face, and hope to make their publishing journey as smooth as possible through our services and expertise.



Meet the R&R Team

For the indie authors by indie authors

Rashmi P. Menon

Founder | Editor-in-Chief




Rashmi is a multi-genre author and editor. During the day, she works as an IT Project Manager but spends her nighttime writing. A single mother to the most amazing teen, he is both her biggest fan and critic. Rashmi is gearing up to release her next anthology book and novel while writing for multiple projects. She posts frequently about books and writing on her website: Confessions of a Writeaholic. In her free time, Rashmi loves to spend time outdoors hiking the trails of Virginia with her son. She also manages a writing group on Discord titled Confessions of a Writeaholic designed to support aspiring and established authors. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to know more about her current and upcoming projects.


Kimberlee Gerstmann

Managing/Acquisitions Editor




Kimberlee is currently a stay-at-home gran for a daring boy. She spends her days juggling activities around reading/editing, art, advocacy, and other creative pursuits. She’s written and edited for several poetry, fiction, and non-fiction publications. She’s addicted to bright colors & glitter, a believer in adventure, bad at math, prefers her puns to be intended, and has 50 shades of dark circles under her eyes. When she’s not curating moments, she can be found dabbling in Twitter poems or random writing projects.


Amorina Carlton

PR & Marketing Lead




Amorina Carlton is a Southern fiction writer, currently editing her first novel. Born-and-bred in the deep South, she spent much of her life trying to shed that identity and all it entails, until she realized embracing it to help others understand the stereotypes aren’t all true was a better tactic. Her blue-collar, single mother read to her everyday as a baby, trying to make sure she grew up smart. This instilled a love of stories so strong, she started telling them as soon as she could talk, and writing as soon as she learned how. Convinced she should help others, she took a detour through psychology before landing on journalism in college, because something had to pay the bills. Inspired by generations of strong, sassy, Southern women, she knew she had to be able to take care of herself before finding her happily ever after. So, she earned her degree, and then an MBA. Her primary job is taking care of and homeschooling her very active daughter, but she squeezes editing, writing, and serving as R&R’s PR/Marketing Lead in between. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, watching movies/television, knitting, cross-stitching, and playing board games.


Renee Christian

Author Liaison Manager




Renee Christian is an author, mother, and Lead Sexual Violence Counselor. She is currently gearing up for the release of her story in an anthology by Write of Passion in August 2021. Renee is also published in two other anthologies. She is working on a Dark Fantasy series with her friend and writing partner, the first of which is due in January 2022. When not writing up a storm, you will find Renee hiking or canoeing with her family, or working at the Refuge Home in her role as the Lead Sexual Violence Counselor. 



Graphics & Design Lead




M.N. Kee is an aspiring author and up-and-coming graphic designer. While a stable hand, aka room service for horses, by trade, as the daughter of a retired English teacher, she has always had an ever growing love for writing. She currently has her hands dipped into multiple projects from her personal writings, collectively known as Infernal Happenings. In recent years, she became interested in graphic design and took to it like a duck to water. When she’s not writing or designing, she enjoys roleplaying, binging YouTube, and taking care of her five crazy goats.



social media manager

Ravens & Roses Publishing is looking for a Social Media Manager. We are a group of indie authors and are looking for someone from the indie community. This is a volunteer position.


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Ravens & Roses Publishing is looking for an Associate Editor. We are a group of indie authors and are looking for someone from the indie community. This is a volunteer position.


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Ravens & Roses Publishing is looking for a Content Creator for our blog. We are a group of indie authors and are looking for someone from the indie community. This is a volunteer position.