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  • Our debut anthology is out on November 15, 2022
  • 5-Star Review from Reader’s Favorite
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Book Release & Other Updates

Ravens & Roses New Updates

Over the last few months, the Ravens & Roses team has been busy working behind the scenes to bring our debut anthology into the world. We have also been working on bringing you some cool merchandise–bookish and others. Read on to find out more about our anthology book published on November 15, 2022. Tales Untold: Mythos Around the World and other news from the R&R team.

Our Debut Anthology 

Tales Untold: Mythos Around the World by 15 Talented Authors

As many of you may already know Ravens & Roses Publishing’s debut anthology titled Tales Untold: Mythos Around the World was published on November 15, 2022. The book is live and available across all major digital platforms. Paperback copies of the book are available in Amazon and Barnes & Nobles to order online.

Tales Untold: Mythos Around the World

Not all Tales Stay in the Past!

Read 15 amazing stories based on lores, legends, and myths across the globe in a Fantasy Anthology penned by 15 talented authors. 

Stories featured and authors:

  • Canvas of Light and Dark by Janie Kang
  • The Tomb of Squire Cabell by D.B. Carter
  • The Littlest Rose by Amorina Carlton
  • The Crane in the Mist by Sathya Achia
  • Never Trust a Fae by Jessica Hopson
  • Quetzal Feathers by Brenda Radchik
  • The Gandharva by Rashmi P. Menon
  • A Final Cut by Sean Doyle
  • Dead Man Tells a Tale by M.N. Kee
  • The Lonely Garden by Max Turner
  • Halcyon Days by Kimberlee Caruso
  • The Young Man and the New World by D.M. Monkson
  • Syren’s Song by Chaz Beebe
  • The Fairy Soldiers Last Request by Joel C. Flanagan-Granemann
  • The Emissary by Mark Piggot

What the Reviews Say!


Tales Untold by D.B. Carter, Janie Kang, Jessica Hopson, et al. is a scavenger hunt for all your favorite myths and legends. From the well-known to the virtually unknown, this book takes a look at chilling tales from different cultures. It will transport you to different magical and sometimes downright scary places. From fairy circles to magic feathers and siren songs, these stories are filled with magic. 

5-Star Review from Reader’s Favorite


Tales Untold was a thrilling experience for me. I loved that all the stories came from different cultures and used even well-known myths and legends. My personal favorite was ‘A Final Cut’ by Sean Doyle. I loved that each writer gave their own take on a story as old as time itself, bringing back to life stories that may be lost to a new generation. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves the tales of days gone by.

Reviewed by Anelynde Smit for Readers’ Favorite

Highly Recommend!

This was a great collection of fairy tale retellings, I loved that there was different cultures myths in this collection.

I really enjoyed every part of the stories and I’m glad I read this.

Reviewed by Kathyrn for Book Sirens

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