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  • Our debut publication is out on July 7, 2021
  • We hit Amazon Best Selling List
  • Book Excellence Awards Finalist
  • New Merch in R&R Shop

Our First Publication & Updates

Ravens & Roses New Updates

Over the last few months, the Ravens & Roses team has been busy working behind the scenes to bring our debut publication into the world. We have also been working on bringing you some cool merchandise–bookish and others. Read on to find out more about our debut book published on July 7, 2021: The De-Coding of Jo: Blade of Truth by Lali A. Love and other news from the R&R team.

Our Debut Publication 

The De-Coding of Jo: Blade of Truth by Lali A. Love

As many of you may already know Ravens & Roses Publishing’s debut book The De-Coding of Jo: Blade of Truth was published on July 7, 2021. The book went on to become the finalist in the Reader’s Favorite Book Awards! Not bad at all for our debut publication, don’t you think?

The De-Coding of Jo: Blade of Truth

The Wizard of Bondage has hijacked humanity’s existence in the astral realm using psychic warfare. In a last-ditch effort, Mother Earth sounds the alarm and activates the StarSeed Quest.

Roma, the Custodian of the Galaxy, has been captured and imprisoned on a remote island by dark forces loyal to the Wizard. She telepathically communicates with Jo to guide her perilous mission on a school trip to the Canary Islands.

While Jo and her friends learn the truth about the Ancient Galactic Wars, they are targeted by shapeshifting assassins and lured into a Compound where Darkness reigns.

Emotions, Reality, and Timelines collide as Jo is thrust into the center of an epic cosmic reboot. 

Will the Blade of Truth devour her Soul? Will the balance between light and dark finally shift?

What the Reviews Say

Emotions run high in Blade of Truth from the opening scene and Lali A. Love ensures the reader is glued to the story from the beginning. Readers will find the perfect mix of paranormal with Young Adult angst in this epic fantasy.

 – Reader’s Favorite Editorial review

Ms. Love presents visions of a utopian world of beauty and peace, where love and acceptance are unconditional. She reaches beyond our cultural and historical norms embracing diversity with no division or hatred.

Author Dr. Mario Dell’Olio

Lali A. Love expands the world and intensifies the battles, gripping the reader with intrigue and action from the very first page. Jo undergoes a transformation, and you will, too, throughout this book’s riveting, restorative transcendence. What a stunning, powerful messageGalaxies of Wisdom Await You.

Author Halo Scot

Readers of YA fantasy will delight in the rich, multidimensional world-building that masterfully intertwines teen angst, struggle, and a higher calling. This book is a page-turner…Make room on your shelves for this important series.” 

Author S.P. O’Farrell


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